PyMbs is being developed at Dresden University of Technology at the Institute of Processing Machines and Mobile Machinery by a questing quartet:


Carsten Knoll & Christian Schubert & Jens Frenkel & Sebastian Voigt

We startetd working on PyMbs in July 2009, as we faced the need of a convenient way to obtain the equations of motion of complex mechanical systems to feed a real time simulatiuon environment based on the Modelica modeling language. By the release of PyMbs 0.1 these aim could be achieved. Nevertheless PyMbs is subject to ongoing development to enhance its features and increase numeric performance. It is published under the LGPL license.

If you face any problems using PyMbs, feel free to contact us. As Christian’s got a heart for PyMbs users, he will be your primary contact person. Of course you may consult any other developer as well.

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Further Contributors:

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