In this chapter we rty to gather all problems which might occur during the usage of PyMbs and how they can be solved.

Error: PyScripter throws strange errors in

Unfortunately, PyScripter does not reinitialise its Python engine properly which can cause very strange errors. You have the following options to resolve this:

  • Restart PyScripter
  • Use remote Python Engine (Run -> Python Engine -> Remote) which can be reinitialised
  • Use a different editor

These strange errors are most commonly caused by a module that has been already imported and have changed (automatically or manually) since as is the case with some parts of the GUI. The Python engine does not recognise this and does not reload the module. Hence you are still working with the old version which can lead to unexpected behaviour.

Anything Else

Please contact Christian (christian.schubert @ <tud>). He will be happy to assist you.

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